Sponsor a child

Reaching out to the vulnerable children

This program targets the young people who have dropped out of school, illiterates, Secondary schools students, University graduates. Hands on skills training and mentorship sessions are organized at our youth centre and the youth are trained in Entrepreneurial Skills, Communication skills, Media and Film skills, Financial Literacy skills, ICT Skills and People skills.

Busy people often regret that time does not permit their desire to help in practical ways. But there is another, personal way to give a child the opportunities that you would wish for yourself and your family. Providing a regular donation will help us pay for food, clothing, medicine, and education for children in deprived areas in Uganda. Can you imagine being an orphaned and vulnerable child in a remote African State like Uganda?

How we choose whom to sponsor?

We are born and raised in Slum areas and so we know which people need the help. We also work hand in hand with the community leaders who refer most of the beneficiaries to our office. We also do a need assessment on a monthly basis and community mapping to identify families that need help in Nabweru.

Sponsor a Child:

Would you like to make a world of difference to a child today? Sponsor a child through VIVCOM Foundation. You will provide hope for a special child of your own interest.


Sponsoring a child is a great way to experience joy of helping the needy children and make a long term impact on their lives, if you are ready to make an impact please let us know and get you started

  1. Complete and submit our online Child Sponsorship Application.
  2. You can begin sponsoring your child by submitting your payment in one lump sum or in several payments. Please use direct wire transfer to our bank account.

How to Sponsor a child:

You become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from a child whom you sponsor. Sponsorship commitments are made on termly or annually and at the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she continues to progress.

How sponsorship works:

It ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills and most importantly a place to call home.

  • Primary sponsorship: $ 300 U.S Dollars per term or $ 900 U.S Dollars a year
  • Secondary sponsorship: $ 500 U.S Dollars per term or $ 1500 U.S Dollars a year
  • University Education: $ 1000 U.S Dollars per semester or $ 3000 U.S Dollars a year

Education Essentials Support

In addition to school fees, we provide necessary essential needs required for school attendance, such as:

  • School uniforms
  • School bags
  • School books and supplies
  • Food

Health Support

In addition to school fees and essential materials, Our Sponsorship Program helps support the medical needs of students, especially those under 11 years old. Medication and regular checkups are funded and provided by our organization through support by the sponsorship. The organization is responsible for taking the child to a health center with quality services and pays all fees.

Overall distribution

  • Administration: 10%
  • School fees: 50%
  • Medical care: 20%
  • Food & school essentials: 20%

How long does my sponsorship take?

The period of your sponsorship depends on your own commitment. We ask you kindly to sponsor your child until his/her career if possible but the choice is upon you. But if you choose to cancel your sponsorship it is better to inform us in advance.

How will I contact my sponsored child?

You are welcome to visit and write to your child. We strongly encourage sponsors to actively write and communicate with their sponsored child. You can create a special relationship with your child through regular communication and ensure that children stay focused and motivated. Sending letters directly to VIVCOM Foundation will ensure that the children receive their letters in a timely manner. Please send letter to the address below:

Vision For Vulnerable Communities Foundation-VIVCOM Foundation

P.O Box 2208, Wakiso (Uganda)

Tel: +256705152084 / +256775152084

Email: syrillkizza@gmail.com

How to make a wire transfer to sponsor your kids?

Your payments can be made by direct wire transfer to our Bank account as detailed below