Let us take your business further:

Today, many consider profit and social-environmental benefit to be inextricable. More businesses are adopting corporate social responsibility into their models in efforts to give back. On one side, enterprises benefit from an added sense of pride, fiscal benefit, and responsible philanthropic investment. On the other, consumers prefer to support companies engaged in bettering social inequities; often switching brands or services to support those associated with global good.

Our foundation has come out with many projects that include: Child care, youth programs, women empowerment project, Education and training support, Elderly care, Agricultural project, Business development, Sports and Leisure and Health care. These programs have resulted in thousands of success stories, and in order to maintain this flourishing momentum, we need to secure a solid foundation of support from your company. Therefore we are seeking for a partnership with your company to strengthen our communities and we shall also play a positive role of recommending our clients and beneficiaries to always check on your website or visit your store to access your products and services.

Corporate partnerships

The benefits of your company and our foundation becoming partners are as follows:

  • Your company will have a strong presence in our regular round-by-round newsletter that goes to our network of about 10,000 newsletter subscribers locally and internationally with an endorsement for them to consider your services and goods.
  • Your company’s logo and name will be placed on our foundation’s website, and promotion materials.
  • Your company’s business name shall always be placed up on our foundation’s sponsors’ and partners honor board in our office.
  • Your company’s officials shall be invited to attend our foundation’s parties and we shall always recognize your presence in all our speeches as our partners.
  • Your company will be awarded a certificate of appreciation to hang in your office.

Your partnership contributions to our foundation are as follows:

  • Paying school fees to orphans and vulnerable children
  • Buying basic needs like food, clothing, beddings, scholastic materials for the children
  • Paying rent for the orphanage and the school premises
  • Paying rent and bills for VIVCOM Foundation offices and orphanage premises
  • Creating income generating activities for the marginalized groups

Raise your profile

Vision For Vulnerable Communities Foundation is an award-winning charity working to ensure vulnerable communities in Africa have the best opportunity to earn a living and learn. By supporting us you will be creating a powerful public partnership to bring change to our poor communities.

We can offer:

  • Innovative shared-value partnerships to help drive customer engagement
  • Case studies and feedback to demonstrate the impact of your support to customers
  • Networking opportunities with invitations to high-profile VIVCOM Foundation’s events
  • Increased brand awareness through VIVCOM Foundation’s website, social media channels and publications

Employee engagement

Partnering with VIVCOM Foundation opens up unique opportunities to drive employee engagement in your company.

We can offer:

  • The opportunity for employees to visit the project they are supporting in rural Africa (dependent on fundraising commitment).
  • Team fundraising events, including running, cycling and trekking challenges.
  • Employee volunteering and skill-sharing alongside our Ugandan team.
  • Invitation to high-profile VIVCOM Foundation events.

Our existing “Foundation Partners” have reported a positive profile boost through our partnership, as well as an increase in business opportunities and we think this arrangement would provide your business with a real profile boost.

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