Be our agent

Represent our Foundation

We have an opportunity of making you our organization Ambassador in your country; you are requested to submit to us your C.V, picture and a small profile about yourself which will be put on our organization website as our international volunteers Ambassador.

Duties of an Ambassador

  1. To assist in development and implementation of a coordinated fundraising program.
  2. To plan for and manage fundraising events.
  3. To promote a positive image of our organization on your country.
  4. To develop donor materials, presentations and mailings.
  5. To identify donor prospects and research donor prospects.
  6. To interact with donors and organize donor meetings.
  7. To handle donor acknowledgements and thank you letters.
  8. To solicit donations from corporate sponsors, financial gifts, and gift-in-kind donations.
  9. To promote the organization by means of articles, photos and other media sources
  10. To conduct administrative work relating to our organization development and programming.
  11. To identify ways for fundraising for the programs and to link the organization to international partners.