Elderly Peoples’ Program

Reaching out to the vulnerable children

Disabilities have been defined by the World Health Organization as an umbrella term that covers impairments, physical limitations and participation restrictions.

The elderly group in Uganda consists of the urban and rural elderly. The elderly in urban areas rely on pension support, while those in rural areas rely on hand work till they are physically incapacitated.

Traditionally, the extended family provided care and support to the elderly. However, in modern society, the role of traditional family support has greatly reduced.

The elderly were revered and respected for their wisdom and experience, their counsel was sought where necessary. They were the vehicles through which traditional morals (customs and behavior) and values were passed from one generation to another.

These and many other traditions have been largely discarded today and there is evidence that Uganda’s elders do not enjoy the privileged position they once were assured of. Much as they play an important role in society, they are not acknowledged. The prevailing negative attitude towards them leads to a lot of suffering in this group of people.

The elderly have children (orphans / grand children) under their care with meager or no resources. They face physical deterioration due to poor shelter, health care, loss of family members all which leave them with feeling of abandonment and helplessness.



we assist the elderly in Uganda to seek health care from Health Centers. Their problems range from vulnerable diseases, backache, joint pains, hearing problems and jiggers to mention but a few.

At the health centers, the sick are treated and given drugs while our foundation meets the medical costs, since the elderly cannot pay for their medical bills. The elderly are also provided with mosquito sprays and nets.


we help in educating communities in various areas of activity related to their welfare e.g HIV/AIDS/ treating infected adults and giving them formal education, piggery and goat rearing.

Our Foundation is also engaged in training and educating the elderly in craft making by using local materials to make baskets and mats. More still, sensitize and educate the general public on the needs, rights of the elder person and first aid. VIVCOM Foundation is not a government agency, but depends on simple donations to carry out its work.