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Disabilities have been defined by the World Health Organization as an umbrella term that covers impairments, physical limitations and participation restrictions.

They class impairment as being a problem in body function or structure, an activity limitation is defined as a difficulty that is encountered by an individual when they are performing a task or action and a participation restriction is described as being a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations.

Through these types of official definitions, we can understand that disabilities are very complex and are difficult to be accurately defined.

Social care workers can visit those in need of support and help them carry out practical tasks that need to be completed around the area where the individual lives.

Through the tireless efforts of social workers, many people suffering from disabilities can now enjoy a relatively independent life to a high quality standard. They can partake in activities, socialize more freely, access buildings easier and find accessible information and entertainment easier. Through social work many people can volunteer with us; and together we help improve with their disability as well as finding work or hobbies that can fulfill their lives.

Together, we can help improve their access to basic needs, capacity building, livelihoods and employment; monitoring and evaluation, special need care income generating activities, self esteem and knowing their rights.

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