Last year we reached over 2000 people across our communities:

  • We helped vulnerable girls access a better vocational education and they got empowered with practical skills which they are currently using to earn themselves a decent living. 

  • We worked with Education authorities and community leaders in Uganda to improve early learning for young children 

  • 92% of girls we worked with in our slum community felt better protected from violence and abuse 

  • We gave 10 parents a small start-up capital and taught them all basic financial services so that they can support and provide for their families. 

  • We supported 40 children in our slum communities return to school after they had been forced to drop out by unavoidable circumstances.

  • We changed negative cultural attitudes to education – 86% of parents we worked with in Nabweru, rated school as a new priority for their children 

  • We established an urban farming in the slums, which has helped farmers learn new skills, get better access to markets and feed their families on a secure income
  • We created strong role models – 83% of the vulnerable people we help in our communities reported better self-esteem and knowledge of important life skills.
  • We successful promoted the talents of kids and youth in our communities by providing them with sports kits and all the necessary equipment they need for their specific talents for example we provided balls to the footballers, music instruments to musician, boxing kits.
  • we partnered with local leaders, community health centers and some major referral hospitals in Uganda and established local community campaign drives that provided free health care services to the slum dwellers which included; free testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, antenatal care, taught them modern family planning methods, counselling and guidance were provided. This program continues to benefit many vulnerable people that are now more cautious about their health hence reducing the death rates among people in our communities.
  • Our youth developed an idea of salvaging trash to collect old plastics, scrap metals which we sale to the companies and individuals for recycling. We use some materials to make art pieces and charcoal briquettes that we sale to get income. This activity has enabled us to employ more youth and also improved on the sanitation of our slum community.
  • We made ground-breaking discoveries and lasting contributions to human endeavor using local resources in our communities and we also designed sustainable programs that brought about tangible transformation in the lives of the less privileged people and the youth acquired knowledge and skills in civic leadership, building crucial networks that are be vital in their careers.

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